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Store: 1705 Sweetwater Rd National City, CA
on 6/4/17
I wanted to let everyone know that reads these reviews that this place is AWESOME! I have been going there off and on for years tire purchase and lifetime wheel alignment. They received an upgraded wheel alignment rack. Initially it looked like it would not fit because the car was too low(Corvette GS 12), Chris a shot out to you for getting it done quickly!!!!
Store: 3430 Castro Valley Blvd Castro Valley, CA
on 4/30/17
I've been taking our cars to certified for over 15 yrs now..German and his crew are the best in the west...Service is very very good...staff very friendly...prices very reasonable..Being close to our house doesn't hurt either..Take them a dozen donuts once in awhile...they really appreciate it
Store: 17067 Foothill Blvd Fontana, CA
on 4/16/17
Speedy service. Lowest quote on repairs in town. Carlos was extremely helpful.
Store: 5288 A Clayton Road Concord, CA
on 3/31/17
Had a major service on an 11 year old Saturn Vue. Battery light had been coming on intermittently so I expected to need a new alternator, but after testing, was told the alternator was fine. The guys were able to fix the problem, plus do a full service on my car's AC system and brakes and assured me that I can keep this car for a few more years. Was very impressed with their professionalism and will definitely go back.
Store: 3935 Alhambra Ave Martinez, CA
on 1/3/17
I noticed it's time for a review online, as it appears to be the last review was over a year ago ... 2015! (:
I would like to take this opportunity to commend 2 members of the Goodyear team, at the Certified Tire Company in Martinez, Ca.
Last October, I spent $3300 at the store. I am extremely thankful for Tom’s diligent efforts in obtaining an incredible interest free payment plan, which made the payments more affordable for me.
Since the day I visited the store, I kept hearing a scraping sound when my vehicle entered/exit a ditch. I thought my car was simply 'breaking in new shocks'. I decided to get it checked yesterday
Robert had just opened & my words were somewhat cranky. He listened to my situation. We both discussed the two simple words that carry the greatest weight of all, "I'm sorry". It means you are empathetic to the customer’s situation. It's a matter of caring that is difficult to find in today's society. Robert cared. He took the time to look at my vehicle. He could actually see the reason for the scraping sound. The protective plastic for the bottom of the engine had come loose. He swiftly remedied the problem. Voila! No more scraping sound!
All too often customers complain. I have 35 years in the Customer Service field & I know what skills bring customers back for repeat business. Robert demonstrated those skills. Please ensure he is recognized for his exemplary performance & professionalism.